Baby's Diaries
Baby's Diaries
My name is Baby and this is my life. I'm a cool ass chick on some real nigga shit. i love to sing, write and chill with my homies.

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Right now I kno I have the potential to do wat I want to do, these people keep talking like they could even spend a day in my shoes. I will get out cause this town promises nothin., and when I come back to visit best believe I will be something!
—babyLouise <3

feeling better

Jay-Z puts an end to all the speculation and dispells the Masonic/Illuminati rumors...
feeling bad

feelin bad, stuffy nose coughing, itts gettin om my nerves..

Never call a female “ma” or “shorty”. And definitely not “aye girl”



Thats very disrespectful. Your mom should have raised you better. I know mine did.

When i was a TEEN i always said Ma. I was a lame back then ROFL.

i personally like wen guys call me “shawty” or “lil mama”..yu kno yu gotta country boy then lol

Chris Brown- NO Bullshit Video
Something New

Last night began a new relationship..i need it tho. we’ll see if it works out, I think it will.

"i refuse to be forgotten"

~ drake